Yatzy Dice
Yatzy Scoresheet

How To Play Yatzy

Either one or two players can play the game. One, two, or three games can be played at the same time in Yatzy Multi-Game Edition. First, decide how many simultaneous games to play. Then, if there is more than one player, decide who is going first.

The object of the game is simply to get the highest score you can from rolling five dice.

The game lasts for 13 rounds per game. You can play up to three simultaneous games in Yatzy Multi-Game Edition.

Each round, you roll the dice up to three times. In any roll, you can choose to keep some dice and re-roll others.

When you are out of rolls or if you are satisfied with your roll before rolling three times, score the roll in one of the thirteen categories.

By the end of the game, you must fill each category with either the score you obtain or a zero.

For three of a kind, you must have at least three of the same numbers on the dice. Four of a kind requires four of the same numbers. The total of all dice are counted.

A straight is a sequence of consecutive numbers. A small straight requires 4 dice and gives you thirty points while a large straight requires all five and gives you forty.

A full house is accomplished by getting two of one number and three of a different number. A full house gives you twenty-five points.

A Yatzy is five of a kind and gives you fifty points for the first Yatzy and one hundred points for each additional yatzy in the same game column.

The second Yatzy must be put in the upper score box for the number you rolled if available (i.e. five 5’s would score twenty-five in the fives box and an additional one hundred points in the Yatzy bonus).

If the upper score box for the number you rolled is filled, you may place the score in the bottom section or place a zero in one of the boxes in the upper section.

Most players choose to put all Yatzys in one game column and zero out the others. This will give you the highest maximum Yatzy bonuses.

Chance is a catch-all and you may use it to place any score that you don’t want to place anywhere else. Use your chance box wisely.

Above all, have fun as you play Yatzy Multi-Game Edition!