What makes Yatzy Multi-Game Edition so different?

The Multi-Game Edition allows you to play by yourself or with a friend. It also allows you to play one, two, or three games simultaneously!

What if I can’t figure something out?

Although Yatzy Multi-Game is very straight forward, there may be a time when you can’t figure something out. In that event, please read the User Guide included in the game or the one located on this website.¬† in the event that you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact our staff.¬† A support person will answer your question, usually within a day or less.

What if my game stops working when I get a Yatzy?

On rare occasions in some XBox systems, your game may stop working (Crash) when you get a Yatzy when the sound is on. This is an issue with Xbox. To stop this from happening, restart the game and Uncheck the sounds box at the top of the games page. This should stop the problem.

What if my game doesn’t look quite right on Xbox?

There is a simple fix for any games that seem to have their edges cut off on Xbox.

Simply go into your Xbox DISPLAY SETTINGS and click on OVERSCAN, then simply UNCHECK THE ADD BORDER BOX.

If you have any more problems, please contact us at: support@yatzymultigame.sitesculptors.com

How do I enable Multi-Game?

The basic Yatzy game is free to everyone, but in order to compensate the programmers for all of their hard work, we’ve made a few of the features available with the premium upgrade. If you would like the premium upgrade, simply click on any premium feature (The ones that are dimmed out), and you will be offered the Premium Upgrade package.

Why do I have to see the ads?

Again, the ads are there to compensate the programmers for all of the time spent developing the game. If you do not wish to see the ads, simply click on any premium feature and get the Premium Upgrade. No ads are shown to premium users.

Do I need an internet connection to use Yatzy Multi-Game?

No network connection is required to play the game. However, if you wish to get the Premium Up[grade or to view the website high scores, you will need either a wi-fi or data connection.

How do I get one of those awesome custom backgrounds?

Three backgrounds and two dice colors are included with the basic game. The other backgrounds and dice colors are part of the Premium Upgrade.